Tuesday, 22 November 2016


For literacy we would get to choose one person to write about them and learn there early life and there late life and what they did for a living and and the day they were born and the day they died and how  old they were when they started singing or dancing or playing rugby. Those are some of the kind of things that we do for literacy. This is my story.

                         The lost
Jeff and his brother are really excited because they are going on a camping trip jeff is so happy and he is ready and packed his gear already now all he has to do is wait for his mum and dad to lock or the doors in the house all the doors are locked now they can go to the campsite it is about 2 hour drive so he knows that his friends will be there at the camp site 2 hours go past and they are finally at the campsite they jeff asked his friends if they wanted to go explore the forest . But Jeffs mum and dad said he had to get all of his gear out of the car and help set up the campfire and the tents  then he could go play with his friends after he helped he went to play with his friends they went and had a competitions that they had to climb to the top of the tree and the winner was Tom he is 13 years old it started to get dark so they went back to there parents and had there dinner then they went to sleep the very next morning the had there breakfast and after that they caged there close and then Jeff Toby and Tom and Ally went for a walk in the woods  they took a backpack with some water Jeff has taken his medication during breakfast the next time he has to take it is lunch time they carried on with the walk and then jeff starts to wonder off  and he gets lost. then his brother turns around and notices that his brother is not there so he has stopped and said wait there where is jeff  then jeff's friends shout his name and then jeff's brother and his friends  start to run back to there parents and tell them that he is missing so the parents called the police and the police called a search team so they can go and find jeff the search team was just about to leave but just befor jeff mum and dad said that if they find him he has to take his medication so they gave it to the search team so if they don't find him  in the time he has to take his medication they can give it to him the search team leaves the camp site  3 hours later the sun starts going down and the search team is still looking for jeff they find jeff he is in a bad condition some bee,s have stung him and he is gone all puffed up they inject him with the medication in his arm his body starts going  normal they have this thing where they can carry him back to the campsite they arrive back at the campsite 20minutes after they found him.    

Jeff ,s parents were so happy that they have there son back they have a helicopter land at the campsite they put jeff in the helicopter  so he can go to the hospital the next day the family is all back there and jeff has recovered from what happened yesterday  enough that he can go back home with his family the all are happy.

The end.  


  1. WOW!! Khorteaz. i like the vocab and the detail. That is a very cool story. Keep up the good work Khorteaz. Well done.

  2. WOAH! Nice work Khorteaz, That is a great story and I love the detail. It is an awesome story. Keep up the great writing and work on your blog.